Zheda Panaco Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd.


Custom R & D

ZhedaChem accepts many chemical custom research and development projects every year. ZhedaChem is pleased to cooperate with other firms in custom manufacturing. Custom manufacturing is an important activity and may be done under strict confidentiality agreements if required. The process may be that of the customer or may be developed by us. We specialize in many reactions and handling many specialized starting materials. Most of our present productions are directed towards the chemistry of very special compounds. Custom manufacturing business for special chemicals has been a very important part of our business in ZhedaChem.

Our excellent staff includes Ph. Ds, M.S. and Chemical Engineers. They help to solve the difficult problems during research and development. A significant professional training program in our university continuously ensures qualification levels and meets the requirements of our research and production. This initiative aims to give everyone an increasing level of responsibility. 

As a State Issued High Technology Enterprise, ZhedaChem is a manufacturer of bulk pharmaceuticals, intermediates and other organic fine chemicals. Well-known for its expertise, particularly in the area of synthetic organic chemistry, the company is supported in its activities by a research laboratory, a pilot plant and full production capabilities. These facilities allow ZhedaChem to offer a complete range of services, from initial process design to custom manufacturing, providing both small scale and multi-ton quantities for the custom research and development projects.