Zheda Panaco Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd.


Analytical Support

Our Center of Analysis and Measurement having modern instruments such as HPLC-MS Pre-HPLC, HPLC, GC-MS, GC, ION-C, CE, UV/VIS, AA, MS, TLC, FTIR, NMR etc. The latest technology and an on-going program of expansion and improvement can greatly help us for testing raw materials, intermediates and finished products. Zheda imports more than 1 million USD of Analytical Instruments every year.

We rely on a team of high-skilled, well-equipped analysts and Quality Assurance professionals. These specialists conduct all necessary tests, tracking products through every stage of research, development and production to guarantee that they conform to the most stringent specifications and that operations meet the highest quality standards.

Analytical Equipment:

HPLC/MS HP1100/Esquire HP, USA
GC-MS HP6890/5973 HP, USA
GC-MS Trace 2000 Thermo Quest,Italy
FTIR Nicolet E.S.T.560 Nicolet, USA
  Nexus 670 Nicolet, USA
  5DX Nicolet, USA
  Alpha Centauri Mattson
NMR Fx-90Q Jeol, Japan
  Avance-500 Bruker, Swiss
MS Trace Mas Finigan Mat
UV/VIS UV-240 Shimadzu, Japan
  U-2000 Hitachi, Japan
AA 180-50 Hitachi, Japan
GC 9A,15A,16A Shimadzu, Japan
HPLC 4A,6A Shimadzu, Japan
  Waters 201, 208, 2690 Waters, USA
Pre-HPLC Waters 600 Waters, USA
ION-C DX-500 Dionex, USA
EA EA1112 Thermo Quest, Italy
   EA1110 Thermo Quest, Italy
CE Waters Quanta 4000 Waters, USA
   BioFocus 2000CE Bio-Rad, USA