Zheda Panaco Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd.



hedaChem's factories are located on a 25 acre site in the central of Zhejiang Province, about 2.5 hours by road from Hangzhou. Our production facility is designed as a flexible and a multi purpose production line based on more than 100 vessels from 100 liter to 3000 liter. These are capable of performing reactions between -10 to 250. We have considerable experience of procedures of most of reactions including: Halogen Replacement Reaction, Hydroboration,Phosgenation, Azidation (Azide Group Reaction), Catalytic Hydrogenation, Heterocyclization, Friedel-Craft Reactions, Cyanidation and Nitration. Experts at Zheda ensure that all aspects of production comply with current international new requirements. Our manufacturing facilities and equipment are continually expanding and improving to better meet customers' requirement. In co-operation with customers, we are ready to invest in industrial production of new products.

We have experience of handling difficult starting materials such as Hydrofluoric acid, Sodium Azide, Phosgene, Ethylene Oxide, Dimethyl Sulphate, Mercaptans, Benzene, Chlorine, Ammonia, Phenol, Hydrazine, Bromine, Chlorosulphonica Acid, Sodium Metal, Methyl Isocyanate, Hydrocyanic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, Formaldehyde etc.

ZhedaChem assures quality production by employing highly skilled technicians and well-trained workers in our production process. We know about the importance of a well-trained and motivated team. Permanent training of technicians and workers in accordance with special requirements of production and continuous upgrading of special knowledge guarantees strict conformity to high quality requirements.

ZhedaChem is in compliance with all pertinent Chinese environmental regulations. All production units meet the current environmental protection requirements. We understand environmental protection management as a basic requirement for successful business. A recently enlarged waste water treatment unit assures flexible production. We adhere to the laws and regulations for environmental protection and have established our own system of air, solid and liquid waste handling by utilizing our advanced technologies. This commitment to environmental protection assures our customers of uninterrupted service.

Reactors: Over 100 reactors, 100 liters to 3000 liters: glass-lined, graphite-lined, teflon-lined, stainless steel, high pressure.
Liquid treatment and handling: Concentration system, distillation systems, high vacuum systems, high vacuum and high temperature distillation, liquid-liquid extraction-mixer settlers.
Liquid solid separation Centrifuges, pressure filter, vacuum dryers, bipyramidic rotary vacuum driers, hot air furnace, spray dryers. 
Crystallization equipment.
Solid treatment and handling Grinding machine, vibrating screens, sieves separators, blenders.
Waste water and solid treatment Processing plant for water, waste water and waste solid.